Drone Aerial Photography Inspection

Reducing Risk, Time and Cost


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Drones are being used more and more to conduct surveys and inspections. Everything that the drone sees can be viewed on the ground as the drone flies. Clients can view the footage in real time and direct the pilot to areas of concern. All the images and videos can be recorded and are available immediately following the flight.

Take your advertising to another level


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Aerial images and videos will take your marketing to another level. Use the footage to make the sale of your house stand out, promote your business or showcase your sporting venue. Drone aerial imagery offers you an affordable way to add value to your advertising.

What's the area in square metres?


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Using the latest mapping software, orthomosaic images are used to accurately map your project. Distances and areas are calculated automatically and GPS coordinates produced for points of interest. Analytics can then be carried out in your application of choice. You can produce your own map or have this produced for you with training available to take ownership and evolve your requirements.

How far have we progressed


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Record the progress of your construction project from the air using video and images. This is a fantastic way to show clearly just how much has been achieved between project milestones. And the media can be shared easily with stakeholders inside and outside your business. The footage can be kept as part of the project artefacts and used for future marketing or lessons learned.

That looks fantastic


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You will be amazed at the aerial footage, but this can be taken a stage further with our Post Production service. We will work closely with you and edit the footage to deliver a quality media production with titles, music, commentary and visuals of your choice. The finished production is available in a variety of video formats and quality and can be loaded directly to the cloud, websites, social media and YouTube.

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